Symposium on Food Animal Welfare around Slaughter in Zagreb


Registration is now open for the „International Symposium 2015: Recent Advances II“, held by Humane Slaughter Association (HSA). Symposium will focus on food animal welfare during transport, marketing and slaughter in Zagreb on 16 and 17 July 2015.

Around the world, over 100 billion animals are transported, marketed and slaughtered annually in order to provide food. Growing meat consumption and an increasingly globalised food supply chain add to the need to develop improvements in animal welfare during transport, marketing and slaughter. These challenges, combined with increased consumer concern, are stimulating new developments and the adoption of higher welfare standards in many parts of the world.

The HSA is holding a second International Symposium, in Zagreb, Croatia, to present and discuss recent scientific and technological advances in this field, and the application and uptake of advances around the world. The event will also be an opportunity to help identify future priorities and to provide a forum for sharing information and experiences.

Well-known world specialists have already been confirmed as keynote speakers at the symposium.  

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