Rinsing sprayers with Tecnet GD detergent after using pesticides

Davor Popović, M.Sc.Agr.

Different chemical agents - herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, foliar fertilizers, growth regulators etc. - are used in sprayers, therefore a high-quality maintenance and cleaning of sprayers is of the utmost importance. This ensures a uniform application of pesticides without unwanted impurities and residues that can damage crops, but also prolongs the operating life of sprayers. In Croatia the sprayers are usually cleaned with large quantities of water, which is environmentally unacceptable and does not completely remove the residues of chemical agents.

Tecnet GD is Genera’s new preparation for washing and cleaning of agricultural sprayers, but it can also be used for cleaning for professional, industrial and commercial purposes. The GD formulation – dispersive granules allows for an easy dosing and harmless application of the agent. The product contains 20% of sodium carbonate, 75% of sodium tripolyphosphate and 5% of sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate. Sodium carbonate and sodium tripolyphosphate are intended for the neutralization of magnesium and calcium ions, that is, for water softening and descaling, and sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate is a surfactant for the removal of other impurities.

Lately, the treatment in the post-em phase is becoming more common, but also the use of glyphosate based total herbicides. Tecnet GD uses a combination of active substances to remove residues of previously used pesticides, and particularly well the residues of herbicides based on sulfonylurea and phenoxyacetic acid derivatives, thereby reducing cross-contamination between treatments.

Water softening removes scale, rust and reduces further corrosion, and effectively cleans the tank, nozzles and pipes. Removing the residue and cleaning the sprayer with Tecnet GD increases the efficiency and life of sprayers, which saves money, time and ensures maximum yield.

Because of its properties Tecnet GD can also be used on irrigation equipment, where maintenance and descaling are also important, in order to maintain the prescribed flow.