We continuously develop and improve the quality management system

We want to achieve a distinctive Genera quality for our products. This includes the implementation of quality assurance principles in all business processes related to the development stage and life cycle of a product: from the idea, research and development to production, sales as well as monitoring products on the market. Product quality is our main focus and therefore we continuously develop and improve our quality management system.

Various EU recommendations, laws, guidelines, ISO standards and other available materials are used for the development of particular system components. The Quality Department continuously keeps up with the developments in this area, analyses the possibilities of their application at Genera and develops umbrella regulations following the quality system guidelines so they can be further implemented in other departments.

Demanding quality control of each product series

Our understanding of quality is not limited to compliance with specification requirements. We ensure product quality by carefully choosing raw materials, strictly defining the processes of manufacturing and equipping products as well as carrying out a demanding quality control process for every product batch before market release. The implemented quality system enables us to trace all the steps in the production, control, storage and distribution of our products.

Our primary tasks are:

  • the protection of human, plant and animal health as well as the environment
  • adequate product quality and safety
  • consumer protection

We are working on harmonizing all the relevant registration dossiers with the latest EU provisions and requirements

In addition, as a manufacturer of plant protection products we are obliged to conduct scientific research that proves the safety of our products for those who use and apply them - customers and consumers - and especially for the environment. We are therefore working on harmonizing all the relevant registration dossiers with EU provisions and requirements.