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Insecticide with a broad spectrum of activity


Acetamiprid 200 g/kg.


MOSPILAN 20 SP is the leading insecticide for controlling aphids. It is also extremely effective in controlling numerous problematic pests (thrips, miners, greenhouse whiteflies, potato beetles, jumping plant lice). It is foliage-applied and belongs to the group of neonicotinoids. The active ingredients disturbs the transfer of impulses in the nervous system of the pests differently from organophosphorus, carbamate and pyrethroid insecticides. Therefore MOSPILAN 20 SP also acts on pests that have partly or completely become resistant to the above-mentioned insecticides. MOSPILAN 20 SP acts extremely systemic and translaminar and is hence evenly distributed in the plant so as to provide long-term protection in small quantities (dosages).


MOSPILAN 20 SP is used for controlling:

-           the Colorado potato beetles (Leptinotarsa decemlineata) in potato when the majority of larvae is at a L1 and L2 stage in the amount of 0.08 do 0.12 kg/ha with a water consumption of 200-400 l/ha (8-12 g of the insecticide in 20-40 l of water per 1000 m2);

-           the beet flea beetle (Chaetocnema tibialis), sugar beet weevil (Bothynoderes punctiventris) and blackfly (Aphis fabae) in sugar beet in the amount of 0.125 kg/ha with a water consumption of  200-400 l/ha (12.5 g of the insecticide in 20-40 l of water per 1000 m2);

-           aphids (Aphididae) in tobacco in the amount of 0.125 kg/ha (12.5 g of the insecticide in 20-40 l of water per 1000 m2) and onion thrips (Thrips tabaci) in the amount of 0.3 kg/ha (30 g of the insecticide in 20-40 l of water per 1000 m2);

-           the codling moth (Carpocapsa pomonella) in apples at a concentration of 0.035 %;

-           the appple sawfly (Hoplocampa testudinea) and apple leaf miners (Leucoptera malifoliella) in apples at a concentration of 0.025-0.035 %

-           the green peach aphid (Myzus persicae) in peaches at a concentration of  0.0125% to 0.015%;

-           aphids (Aphididae) in pepper and cucumber at a concentration of 0.0125 %;

-           the western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis) in pepper and cucumber in protected premises at a concentration of  0.03 % with split treatment at an interval 3-4 days;


For potato, tobacco, tomato, cucumber and pepper only two sprayings per year are allowed, and sugar may only be sprayed once a year.

In fruit-growing the insecticide should be applied before the beginning of July as it is dangerous for predators. Do not spray during blooming and when bees fly. Avoid contact of the dried spraying liquid with bees. Spray only after bee flight.

Aerial application is not allowed.


MOSPILAN 20 SP must not be mixed with copper fungicides, dodine and fentin-hydroxide.


MOSPILAN 20 SP is not toxic for plants if used as directed.


Mospilan has an extremely short withholding period. For tomato and cucumber it is 3 days, for potato and pepper 7days, for peach 14 days, and for tobacco, sugar and fodder beet it amounts to 35 days. Grazing for farm animals should not be allowed for 14 days so as to prevent milk contamination.

The REI amounts to 24 hours.


Sumitomo, Japan.